PicoCTF 2017 – No Eyes

This was a pretty fun little challenge. The blurb we get about the challenge is: The website isn’t really me much, but you can still get the admin password, right? Trying to break the web app using single quotes to login revealed the actual SQL query. Using this I tried the query ‘ or pass like ‘%’ … Read more PicoCTF 2017 – No Eyes

WACTF – Matt can see what you did to Francis, and raises you one (250)

At the WACTF event, I unfortunately didn’t get to complete this challenge within the time allowed. As I knew the author of the challenge, I asked if it would be alright if I could get the binary to try and knock this one off the list, as only 2 teams completed this one during the … Read more WACTF – Matt can see what you did to Francis, and raises you one (250)

LazySysAdmin – Vulnhub Walkthrough

Here is my solution to the LazySysAdmin Vulnhub VM. Link: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/lazysysadmin-1,205/ As usual, start by getting the IP of the VM. A quick Nmap scan reveals what ports and services we can focus our efforts on. We find ports 22, 80, 139, 445, 3306 & 6667 open. There is also robots.txt which exposes a few directories … Read more LazySysAdmin – Vulnhub Walkthrough

Rickdiculously Easy – VulnHub Walkthrough

Hi everyone, here is my solution for the Rickdiculously Easy VulnHub VM Link: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/rickdiculouslyeasy-1,207/ It’s pitched as a beginner CTF, but I couldnt resist a Rick and Morty themed boot to root! All up I probably spent around 30 minutes on this one to obtain all flags. Still fun though! To finish, the creator of the … Read more Rickdiculously Easy – VulnHub Walkthrough

The Ether: EvilScience – VulnHub Walkthrough

Hi everyone, this is my solution for the VulnHub VM, The Ether: EvilScience. Link: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/the-ether-evilscience,212/ UPDATE (1/12/2017): As per the creator of this challenge, the Vulnhub version of this VM is faulty and has not been updated. If you’re having issues please re-download the updated version from the authors site. First steps as always is getting … Read more The Ether: EvilScience – VulnHub Walkthrough