LazySysAdmin – Vulnhub Walkthrough

Here is my solution to the LazySysAdmin Vulnhub VM. Link:,205/ As usual, start by getting the IP of the VM. A quick Nmap scan reveals what ports and services we can focus our efforts on. We find ports 22, 80, 139, 445, 3306 & 6667 open. There is also robots.txt which exposes a few directories … Read more LazySysAdmin – Vulnhub Walkthrough

Rickdiculously Easy – VulnHub Walkthrough

Hi everyone, here is my solution for the Rickdiculously Easy VulnHub VM Link:,207/ It’s pitched as a beginner CTF, but I couldnt resist a Rick and Morty themed boot to root! All up I probably spent around 30 minutes on this one to obtain all flags. Still fun though! To finish, the creator of the … Read more Rickdiculously Easy – VulnHub Walkthrough

The Ether: EvilScience – VulnHub Walkthrough

Hi everyone, this is my solution for the VulnHub VM, The Ether: EvilScience. Link:,212/ UPDATE (1/12/2017): As per the creator of this challenge, the Vulnhub version of this VM is faulty and has not been updated. If you’re having issues please re-download the updated version from the authors site. First steps as always is getting … Read more The Ether: EvilScience – VulnHub Walkthrough